Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God: Just Another Sky Pixie?

It has become a popular trend among atheists to compare all supernatural phenomenon and religious deities, including the God of Christianity, to other mythical beings such as pixies, fairies, or unicorns. The basic idea is that there is no scientific or logical justification for pixies and fairies and no evidence for their existence other than the fluid power of human imagination and the same is true of God. Of course, comparing the God of the Bible with pixies is not just silly but plain stupid as well. Anyone who makes this claim is surely attesting to their own ignorance of God.

The atheist may wonder why I, like other Christian theists, can believe in God but deny the existence of pixies and on what criteria I base my conclusion. Maybe I am being unfair. I suppose it is possible that pixies do exist.

Perhaps we should consider the possibility in which it might actually be rational to believe in such diminutive magical creatures. If it just so happens that there comes a book attesting to the existence of pixies that contains scientific facts about the earth and the universe thousands of years in advance of science, is confirmed by archaeological evidence, makes dozens of specific prophecies over thousands of years that have come true, advocates a moral and ethical conduct far advanced for its time of writing, and if millions of people throughout history and worldwide have claimed with sincerity that they've been touched and felt the presence of pixies and that most of those claims have integrity and continuity, and that there was at least one pixie who made itself physical for thousands of people to see and whose existence was well documented by honest, reliable sources and eyewitnesses who were willing to die to preserve the truth of the pixies, and I personally had felt the presence and seen the working of pixies in my own life, it might be wise for me to consider the possibility that pixies exist.

Unfortunately for the pixie enthusiast, we have not seen that kind of compelling evidence in favor of "pixieism" unless one wishes to insist that childhood fantasies, faerie tales, and drug induced hallucinations (perhaps the effect of abusing "pixie dust") constitute compelling evidence. However, such evidence does apply to the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the God Christians believe in.